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We are happy to announce the release of the audio book version of Equity Crowdfunding: Transforming Customers into Loyal Owners. Because of the SEC will soon adopt long-awaited crowdfunding rules, both Main Street businesses and start-up companies will be able to legally offer ownership in exchange for crowdfunded investments. Instead of being limited to sending mere gifts or product samples, the crowd will soon be able to receive financial dividends from their investment.

The unabridged audio version of the book is available exclusively from and from Amazon. The narration is done by book cover frontJohn LoPrete, a professional voice actor with numerous credits to his name. The four plus hours of the book introduces the listener to the exciting world of crowdfunding, discusses both crowdfunding strategies and introduces the law, while focusing on the true power of equity crowdfunding – as an opportunity to leverage the marketing power of new owners.

The book’s author, Jonathan Frutkin, is CEO of Cricca Funding, a crowdfunding consultancy that works with profitable local companies to take advantage of this new marketing strategy. Frutkin is also an attorney at The Frutkin Law Firm, PLC, one of the fastest growing firms in Arizona. He has spent his career helping business leaders grow their companies by taking advantage of emerging opportunities.

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