What Exactly Does Cricca Do?

Today we released an “explainer” video to describe exactly what we do. It turns out that merely telling people that we are “crowdfunding consultants” wasn’t quite working. I get it. The problem is that no one really knows what you mean when using the word “crowdfunding”. Let’s face it – the concept is novel and it covers a lot of ground. It can refer to raising money for a good cause (like the victims of a disaster or a terrorist attack) or getting money to launch an art, music or film project (like the high-profile Veronica movie and the production of literally thousands of music albums). It can also refer to rewards based crowdfunding, where the contributor is essentially “pre-ordering” something in exchange for putting up money. And it also refers to debt or equity crowdfunding, an emerging area where crowdfunding participants are looking to receive a financial return on their investment.

OK – we are in the equity crowdfunding space. Meaning, we work with companies that are bringing in small investors with the hope of financial return. So that makes some sense to people, but requires a long explanation.

If the word “crowdfunding” is essentially meaningless, then the word “consultant” takes the cake. A consultant is literally anyone with advice on how to do something. The obvious follow-on question to the statement that we are consultants is – so what do you do exactly?

Fair enough. And for those of you who are interested in learning all about what we do in less than two minutes while watching a cartoon – we made it happen. Check out our new explainer video and see if it helps.

And let us know if you’re company may be interested in participating in one of the country’s first equity crowdfunding campaign. Although we are incredibly selective about who we choose to work with, we are always looking for the few great candidates that can leverage the greatest marketing opportunity ever – transforming customers into loyal owners.

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